Tanvi is the go-to consultant for Personal Branding and Thought Leadership across the Indian-Sub Continent. She consults with Leaders across the CXO Suite, CEOs and Entrepreneurs on building a powerful Personal Brand legacy. She partners with them to dream, dare and do what it takes in today’s socio-business economy to make a difference, to offer soulful thought leadership and to build an iconic brand legacy for the world to come. She has worked with Business Leaders from brands like KPMG, SAP, Parker, HP, Novartis, Times Group, Mahindra Group, OIL India, Godrej etc. on building a personal brand, thought leadership orientation, social brand footprint, designing a brand legacy and powerful oration.

Tanvi offers 2 signature programs on Personal Branding and Thought Leadership; The Brand ICON for executives and Thought Leadership Labs for Groups.

The Brand ICON

The Brand ICON is designed to offer you a one-on-one consulting time with Tanvi for over 12 weeks. The entire modus operandi for The Brand ICON program empowers you to discover your personal brand and thought leadership, design your leadership communication strategy and deliver your brand promise. Over the last 10 years, Tanvi has consulted with leading CXOs of Indian and well as Global Organizations as a personal brand coach via The Brand ICON program and empowered them to lead their careers, businesses and lives with unrivalled clarity about the brand identity, purpose and promise to add consistent value to their communities and evolve as a thought leader of their industry.

The Brand ICON program enables you to:
Discover your Brand and its thought leadership: Know what makes YOU special
Define your Brand Distinction: Stand- out from your competition
Develop the Brand YOU Story: Create your Brand Capital
Design your Brand Communication: Boost Visibility, Influence and Power in your online community
Deliver your Brand Promise: Learn how to manage your Personal Brand eco-system

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Thought Leadership LABS

Thought Leadership LABS is a two day Personal Branding & Thought Leadership Workshop for your team that empowers each participant with the knowledge and skills to build his personal brand and thought leadership, which is the first step of Leadership orientation and development.

The program will enable the participants to get a hands-on experience on the impact of thought leadership development and discover the how-tos of building your leadership brand in today's social business eco-system. The focus of this workshop would be to empower the individual participants to

Discover their Thought Leadership
Design a Communication strategy for leading with purpose and
Deliver their Brand Promise to evolve as the Organizational Brand Ambassadors.

The future of corporate branding is going to be two-fold: Employer Branding influenced by Employee Branding; Thought Leadership LABS is the only Industry certified Personal Branding & Thought Leadership Development Workshop that empowers your executive HIPOs to begin their journey of Leadership by building their personal brand and thought leadership as the step one.

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