The Invisible CEO Diaries: How Personal Branding empowers YOU to go from ‘Invisible to Invincible’

Be Brandtastic: 5 Golden Rules for an ICONIC Personal Brand Experience
June 17, 2012
The Secret of Mastering Thought Leadership on Social Media
July 5, 2012

I am sure you’ve heard this one: Are you married or are you happy?

But I am also sure you haven’t heard this BIG one: Are you the CEO or are you INVISIBLE?

So, people say, if you are married then you can’t be happy and vice versa; and I say if you are the CEO then you just can’t be Invisible. Period.

Fortunately or unfortunately (take your pick) there are people who are happily married, but there are very few CEOs or even CXOs for that matter, who are NOT Invisible. You may blame it on the game or the name; but INVISIBLE CXOs are as real as the organizations they so devotedly work for.

I now invite you to break the age old habits of the typical Stone-age CXO and transform yourself into the CXO that rocks in the age of Personal Branding. Empower yourself with the power of Personal Branding to create a distinct identity for yourself, by building an ICONIC Personal Brand that not only puts you on the map, but makes you the cynosure brand of your Industry.

Seven traits which need to be buried six feet under, and replaced with the New 7 CXO Commandments:

Swear by these new age 7 commandments for the CXO today, and the world will swear by the inspirational power of your Personal Brand tomorrow!


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