The TO-DO List after writing that BRILLIANT POST

May 24, 2012
How to create an ICONIC Personal Brand Signature
June 7, 2012

So you’ve just written a Brilliant Article and conferred a small contribution of your Legacy upon the World! Now you publish it and cross your fingers for the deluge of visits and laudatory appreciation for your Pièce de Résistance! But does it happen?

Well, Honestly, People aren’t just sitting ducks looking up their Social Media Accounts for a piece of news from your stable! Admit it. In today’s world, none of us have the luxury of time to round up on our contact list daily-even if we indeed want to. So the ball is back in your court-How do you now ENTICE, ENGAGE AND ENRICH Your Network with your legacy? 

Worry Not! I am sharing a comprehensive TO-DO List of Steps that You must religiously follow to be the Cynosure of Activity in your Network; and reach out to your peers, colleagues, clients, customers, superiors, juniors, associates and every other worthy soul around you,and make your humble attempt in enriching them with your Thought Leadership.

Follow this TO-DO list of Activities after penning down your latest masterpiece and get on the bandwagon of ICONIC People Brands who are cherished and revered for their Career Karma in the world!

Come on, do your bit of Career Karma, starting here! Have any more enriching tips and tricks that can be added to this list? Enlighten us NOW.

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  1. Another item worth adding here, granted it occurs before the content writing process not after is to change the way wordpress handles images. If you leave the default image settings in place when someone pin’s your image (such as an info graphic) to pinterest, those who click on the pin will be directed only to the image not your blog post.

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