10 Benefits of Executive Branding for your Corporate Brand-Part 1

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October 21, 2012
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November 25, 2012

Empower: The word itself is so powerful; it fills our hearts & minds with the thrill of the imminent power; the moment someone mentions that they would empower you to do something; it jolts up your nervous system with an unrivaled exhilaration of being in control of your own capability to do something. Isn’t that the heady feeling that you were always seeking-Being in Control?

Traditionally, we the Corporate Citizens have been duly empowered by the reigning Corporate Brands in ways galore! Such that it truly is a moot point to even being commemorating them…  And haven’t we been truly indebted by their humble empowerment of our lives, due to their sole existence?? Yes, we were, we are, and we will be. But today, the game has evolved; the players have evolved and moreover the stakes have evolved from just one sided empowerment to mutual empowerment.  In fact, today the best executives of the company are perceived as the yin to the corporate yang!

Today in the Brandstinction age, when one is on a perpetual scout for knowledge and skills to achieve the desired degree of distinction for themselves in the corporate rate race; the executives who top this race are those who eventually empower themselves with the erstwhile popular X-factor, which is now discovered to be nothing else but the Personal Brand of the executive. An Executive empowered with a Powerful Personal Brand at the behest of the Corporate or his own conquest, is capable of empowering the Corporate Brand in hitherto unknown & unexplored ways. He goes on to become the most adored and admired Super-Hero of your Company: the Brand new Golden Boy of your Company!

And, finally as life comes full circle this Empowered Executive in turn empowers the Corporate Brand, by personifying the yin-yang philosophy, as follows:

1. Boosts Visibility of the Corporate Brand across Offline & Online Media

As the executive steps out of the shadows of professional oblivion (read: a solitary existence in today’s glocal corporate society), and announces his arrival on the ‘brands that matter’ circuit; the 100% benefit of this visibility gets automatically transferred to the Corporate Brand. Simply put, all the Personal Branding initiatives of your executive, nurtures the visibility, credibility & thus the reputation of your corporate brand.

2. Builds Credibility, on account of Executive Brand Evangelism

When the executive enriches his own professional karma, by giving back to the society, the second best benefactor in this circle of life, is none other than the corporate brand that backs the noble executive; the world then witnesses how the beautiful synergy between the personal goals and ambitions of the executive and the professional interests and vision of the corporate brand, builds a rock solid reputation & credibility for the corporate brand of being employee centric and more importantly, a benevolent brand.

3. Expands the Circle of Influence across Industries

Think of the frog in the well analogy to appreciate the importance of knowing the world, and the world knowing you. When the executive realizes how he can add substantial value to others, his sphere of influence slowly starts increasing beyond his native company or industry or community or city or country. The beautiful journey of personal branding carries his knowledge and wisdom across industries-across the globe, enriching & inspiring one soul at a time. It’s simple, Inspire first to Influence later.

4. Fosters Corporate Reputation as a Thought Leader

The thought leadership of an organization emerges from its talent pool, and I believe should flow back to them; thus enriching and empowering their own careers. The naked advocacy of the corporate brand and its employee-centric modus-operandi, catapults the corporate brand reputation as one of the few thought leaders who have acknowledged the age-old wisdom of empowering their real assets-the talented executives. There goes your employer-preference ranking through the roof!

5. Humanizes the Brand Corporate

When I say humanizes, I literally mean Personifies. When we have active Brand champions walking and talking the Corporate Brand Propositions and Promises, we empower a brilliant personification of the corporate brand. Your branded executive takes on the larger than life role of being the face, voice, eyes, ears and the soul of your corporate brand, out there in the industry for your target audience to experience & fall in love with; and in-turn fall in love with your corporate brand as well.

These are the top 5 benefits of empowering your executives to build a truly iconic personal brand; the next post will highlight the next five.

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