The Invisible CEO Diaries-Part 3: Why Inconsistency does not build a Legacy!’

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October 14, 2012
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November 7, 2012

The third in a 3-part series on ‘The Invisible CEO Diaries’. Check out the Part 1 & Part 2 as well.

The Invisible CEO Diaries shares the 3 most forbidden sins that our Indian CEOs are falling prey to!

Sin #3: Being Inconsistent

Legacies are Inspiring; And it’s your time to build one.

A legacy shapes up from inspirations; one inspiration at a time. What it needs is YOU, and Your Time. Demanding jet surfing careers often rob you of the life’s most treasured luxury: Time. After giving 48 hours a day to your mundane responsibilities, it’s time to halt and command time; now, for yourself.

Being the Inconsistent CEO in today’s digital age is characterized by the following faux pass:

  1. A random burst of digital footprint without a woven theme or context or appeal
  2. Do not Walk the Talk: Lack of synchronization of your offline & your online reputation. “Will the real Mr. Moody please stand up?”
  3. Social media activity characterized by the seasonal changes; when jobs change sooner than seasons, does your digital footprint too?
  4. Inconsistency of your voice (professional vis a vis personal) across different social media sends mixed messages to your audience. “Is this the legacy you wish to build?”
  5. Your burn out quotient is higher than your happiness quotient; where not you, but your job commands your time.
  6. Tipping Point: You realize your professional life has compromised your personal identity, whilst trying to be everything to everyone, you’ve lost your true self in the maze of life.

Well, time is precious, but you, priceless! No time lost can be reclaimed, but your future can. The only challenge is to realize the need: for change, for time, for yourself. Personal Branding empowers you to commit yourself to a better future; it enables you to live your life on your terms. A Powerful Personal Brand empowers you to control your life, to build a reputation that is consistent with your karma, your legacy: a legacy you build today, that inspires the world to come.

Personal Branding is your karma, for your life: where you build your personal brand, bask in the glory of its powerful aura, and ultimately live the Brand YOU. Consistency in the delivery of your Personal Brand’s Promise is the SOUL of your Brand Reputation, that brings your Brand to life- both online & offline. But When should you do it? Well, don’t you already know the answer to that…

These are the 3 most common sins our Icons in the making are falling prey to. If you wish to take control of your Personal Brand today and build a legacy that inspires the world tomorrow, lets talk!


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