Discover your Personal Brand’s SOUL: Build An Inspiring Brand Legacy!

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April 9, 2012
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April 24, 2012

What is the SOUL of your Personal Brand?

The Soul of your brand is the core value proposition that you bring to your community. It is your distinct brand proposition that strategically positions you in the mind and endears you to the heart of your target audience, where you shall dwell for good.

My Brand’s SOUL methodology provides you with a unique soul searching exercise that will empower you to discover the underlying pulse of your true brand identity: The Soul of your Brand.

Let’s get started, grab a pen and a paper and follow these steps religiously:

1. Enlist the 7 values that you will never give up on; not even at gunpoint! These can be anything like, honesty, compassion, elegance, discipline, independence etc.

2. Now revisit these 7 values and make a note beside each of it; whether it is your HEART value or your MIND value; your heart values are those values which are a result of your personal culturing and your mind values are a result of your professional nurturing. From the earlier example, for someone, honesty might be heart value if he has been cultured from birth to be an honest individual, and for him, independence might be a mind value if he has experienced independence after valuing its importance in his professional life. However, for every individual, his heart value and mind value need not be identically derived; which means that a heart value of one person, could realistically be the mind value of another person, and vice versa.

3. Now select the top 3 values from these 7 values, such that you have representation from both the categories (of heart and mind values) in the top 3, however do so, in the order of priority. For example, my personal top 3 of the 6 values are: elegance, creativity and perfection, where my heart values are elegance and perfection, and my mind value is creativity. The reason for maintaining a healthy balance of both these types of values is that it fosters a harmonious impact of personal culturing and professional nurturing on your brand.

4. The next step will be a lot more harder if you don’t have any acknowledged deep passions in life that gratify your life with pure exultation. If you have still not identified what makes your world tick, I advise you to discover it ASAP; because no amount of professional and financial success will address the void in your heart, that could perhaps be filled by reading a beautiful poem or a engaging book, or by taking a jog up the hill, or pouring out your dreams on a blank canvas. And if you are blessed with a number of such passions that enthral your life, jot them down and rate them in the order of importance in your life.

5. Now, reflect on your top priority value and your deepest passion; these are what make you, you. These constitute the Soul of your Brand. The art of infusing these values and passions into the Soul and the Life of your brand is nothing but the beauty of Personal Branding.

The SOUL of your Brand is what gets registered in your target audience’s mind as your Reputation and in your target audience’s heart as your Legacy, which draws him back to you, again and again! The Brand ‘I’MPACT Triangle below illustrates how the SOUL of your Brand goes on to become your brand reputation and lives on forever as your brand legacy in the world.

So go ahead and discover Your Brand’s SOUL: a truly inspiring brand legacy which you can bestow upon this world. And don’t forget to share your Brands’ SOUL with us, right here! Share it and Start Inspiring..

My Brand’s SOUL is Elegance and Eloquence; where Elegance (in Experience) is my dearest value and Eloquence (in Expression) is my deepest passion. And My Brand’s SOUL STATEMENT is:

Elegance, Personified.”

What is Yours?

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