Mind your Brand Voice by Voicing your Brand: Building Your Brand Reputation

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March 29, 2012
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April 16, 2012

Well My Personal Brand Voice says: Elegant & Eloquent; Now does it, literally?

How do you hear your Personal Brand Voice? Does it coyly whisper in your ears privately, sporadically shout out loud across mountain tops, or makes itself heard eloquently from time to time?

If you happened to pick the third option, you are good to go. If not, it’s about time to mind your brand voice by voicing your brand.

What is Your Brand VOICE?  Your Personal Brand Voice is in essence your Brand Reputation in the hearts and minds of your brand community or simply put your target audience, which comprises of your colleagues, seniors/ managers, clients/ customers, industry associates, past employers, family and friends. Your Brand Voice is the unspoken message that your Brand is sending them consistently and constantly via every brand experience of yours. It is the perception that you are feeding into their mind over a period of time which shapes itself as a steadfast brand reputation of yours.

When I say, My Brand Voice has been successful in its expression as Elegant & Eloquent; it only means that my brand community unanimously perceives me as an Elegant & an Eloquent Person. It is this humble brand reputation that has made home in their hearts and minds, as a result of my personal brand experience at their end.

So back to the question, how can you hear your brand voice, or let’s start at the primary question; how do I voice my brand?

  1. People experience you, form perceptions about you and build their private opinion about you, which is nothing but your brand reputation in their mind.
  2. So you really need to focus on the bottom line: what brand experience are you offering them? If you believe(or want to show) that you are a born leader, express your leadership potential in ways that are clearly visible and measureable; if you believe(or want to show)  that you are a global citizen, share your passion and knowledge on all things global to enlighten your brand community; if your believe(or want to show)  you are an achiever, make your goals and target known publicly and ensure that you achieve them; if you believe(or want to show)  you are a fun colleague/ boss, take your team for a surprise after hours treat; if you believe(or want to show)  you are an evangelist, take up noble or social initiative to engage and entertain your team; so on and so forth. Remember, You can control your brand voice; just work towards consciously building your reputation towards the brand identity that you desire.
  3. When you have worked hard enough towards creating that special experience for your brand community, do not shy away from reinforcing your brand voice out loud. Speak out about what you deeply believe in something and why it is so important for you to share the joy of that belief with everyone. A hint of narcissism is absolutely healthy for your brand voice.
  4. Lastly indulge in a regular pattern that reminds your target audience of your true brand voice, till it becomes synonymous with your core existence. Regular and consistent experience of your brand promise will enable your brand community to gradually form strong opinions about you that will eventually shape into an unequivocal brand reputation in their hearts and minds.

Your brand reputation is nothing but your persistent exhibit of your unique brand value proposition, which you religiously voice time after time. So start voicing your brand to create an eternal echo of your brand voice that enlightens every heart it touches.

So backtracking to the former question: How do you hear your Brand Voice? All I will say for now, watch this space for more…Very soon, I will share how can we hear our brand’s voice in its truest form.

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