Lead with LOVE: The secret of ingredient of Thought Leadership

What’s in a name: a Legacy-that’s what!
January 8, 2014
Three Steps to Sharpen your Brand Focus by Tanvi Bhatt
FOCUS: 3 steps to sharpen your Brand Focus
January 13, 2014

Love. What has LOVE got to do with Personal Branding?

Ofcourse I love my brand, I love myself- if I got you thinking! Well, who doesn’t?

But when love does make the world go round; vanity-doesn’t. Period. If you love the Brand YOU on borderline narcissism, you don’t love your brand, you just love yourself-and that’s one huge difference. When one truly embarks upon a journey with love-selfless love, one learns to lead with love; rest all becomes immaterial.

We all lead our lives, our families, our communities, our employees, our dreams at some point of our life-the leadership seasons thereof might vary in time and duration; but lead do we. When one learns to lead their life with love, one hopelessly falls in love with all these aforementioned elements of our life; and constantly works towards loving better and living better.

LOVE your brand:

your purpose

your community

your followers

your dream

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