Living your Dream: Dream. Dare. Do!

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January 2, 2014
When you find your calling…
January 4, 2014

Dreams are what…

Dreams are the often unspoken desires that manifest in nights.

Dreams are the hopes theat fuel our days and keep us going.

Dreams are the changes that we wish to see, to do, to become.

But how often do you hear one say that they have become what they had dreamt of?  That they are indeed living the life that they dreamt about?

For me, dreams are goals with deadlines. Because only when you dare to put a serious deadline on your dream; my friend it shall cease being just a dream. It will then become your goal: A goal which is then converted into smaller sub goals making them more achievable, every one of which then prioritized as per its urgency as well as feasibility, thus making resource identification and allocation more efficient and finally putting a number on every sub goal thereof to facilitate its execution before the said deadline.

Use this SPRAD (Sub goals-Prioritize-Resource Allocation-Deadline) framework to ensure that your every single dream is celebrated as a goal beautifully achieved!

Go on…. Dream. Dare. Do.

Make 2014 the ICONIC year of your dreams!

Dream it. Dare it. Live it.

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