The Invisible CEO Diaries-Part 2: Why Ignorance is NOT Bliss!’

The Invisible CEO Diaries-Part 1: Why is the CEO ‘The Invisible Icon?’
October 7, 2012
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October 21, 2012

The second in a 3-part series on ‘The Invisible CEO Diaries’. Check out the Part 1 too.

The Invisible CEO Diaries shares the 3 most forbidden sins that our Indian CEOs are falling prey to!

Sin #2: Being Ignorant

Every action does have equal and opposite reaction! Ignore; Be Ignored.

In today’s digital global village, your personal digital footprint is even more important than the legacy you are building for your company. If you are to ignore the power of Web 2.0 in defining personal & corporate reputations; it is likely that your industry would ignore you as well.

Being the Ignorant CEO in today’s digital age is characterized by the following faux pass:

  1. The sole resident of your social media platforms is the air of nonchalance; nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Being the big fish in a small pond: Ignoring the power of professional networking across social media platforms like LinkedIn & Twitter
  3. Outsourcing is the key and solution for being jack of all trades, and master of none. But of course, the real culprit is that 24*7 demanding power play!
  4. The apprehension fueled ignorance of ‘know not-do not’, is inhibiting you from exploring the social media revolution
  5. The ignorance is bliss attitude; where not hearing your customers rant is the better strategy than turning a deaf ear.
  6. Tipping Point: Ignorance of accountability for your corporate brand online; takes your personal & corporate reputation downhill

Well, Never say never! It’s never too late to set sail on the right course; you are the captain of the ship called life; it’s your responsibility to embark upon the journey of Personal Branding to steer the Brand YOU towards its desired destination, i.e. the desired Reputation. A Powerful Personal Brand will empower you to steer clear of the abyss of ignorance and sail across the hitherto unexplored horizons of success.

Personal Branding is the journey of discovering your exclusive Brand Value Proposition; followed by the strategic communication of the Brand YOU. Once you’ve built the Brand You, it’s time to flaunt it such that you may control the Reputation of the Brand You, both online & offline. But Why do you need it? Well, isn’t curiosity a beautiful journey…

The next article will talk about how Inconsistency undermines the Brand YOU.

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